Accessing Recipes Made in mBuild

These recipes have been developed and published using versions of mBuild related to the time of publication. Please refer to their associated publications or environment.yml for the exact version.

Graphene Slit Pore: A slit-pore comprised of two graphene sheets seperated by a small slit and filled with liquid molecules both in the pore and two resevoirs on either side.
Droplet on Graphene: Defaults to a graphene sheet, but any substrate can be used, and a droplet of various radius, contact angle, and molecules can be generated on that substrate.
drop on surface>
Coarse Grained DNA: Generate nucleic acid representations that are broken into coarse-grained beads.
Lipids: Generate phospholipid molecules of variable size and composure.
Bilayers: Take molecules and align them to form pre-assembled monolayers and bilayers, setup primarily for lipid bilayers.
Grafted Nanoparticles: Coat a silica nanoparticle of variable radius with alkyl chains in specific regions of the particle.
drop on surface
Monolayer Coatings: Generate monolayers and bilayers on amorphous or crystalline materials by placing coated chains spread across the surface at available bonding sites based on the given bonding logic.
Protein Builder: Build amino acid molecules from repeat and nonrepeated residue sequences.