Forcefields for Foyer and GMSO

Force fields in the MoSDeF ecosystem are stored on disk in either the GMSO style or Foyer style. While force fielding for molecular simulations is a subtle art, we do offer general forcefields, listed below, that contain useful parameter sets. To find individual parameters sources, check the & tag in the atomtype section of the .xml file. While parameterization may complete without errors for large forcefields, strict validation and hand-checking with parameters known a priori is always best practice.
Tested GMSO Snippet Forcefields: TIP3P, TIP4P-EWALD, SPC/E, ff14SB, CHARMM36, GAFF, OPLS-AA, TRAPPE-UA
(**Note these are not mostly small molecules or pieces of larger forcefields for CI testing/validation in GMSO)